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The Uniqueness of Clinton Path

If you are looking for a preschool for your child, you will not find another school quite like Clinton Path.  The teaching team is dedicated to creating a child-centered educational experience and we believe that each day should hold joy in it for our students.  We listen to each child and honor them as individuals; we appreciate that each one had their own personality, interests, and culture and are entitled to dignity and respect.

In our curriculum, the teachers' goal is to give the children a mixture of directed instruction and the freedom to explore their world.  We guide them as they interact with their peers and provide scaffolding for their emerging ideas and skills. We know that what motivates children is to have their questions answered and we aim to give them time to start an activity and to follow it to their own conclusion.  We have circle times where the children can contribute their ideas on the incredible math, music, and literacy concepts we introduce to them. You will find us acting out the movement of the planets in the solar system and moving to different letters on our circle alphabet rug.

We are also dedicated to building resiliency, autonomy and confidence in young children.  Clinton Path students are guided to learn from their mistakes, shake off upsets and feel ready to try something new. This builds resilience in indoor and outdoor play. We don’t tell them how they should feel better, but instead ask, “What is going to help you feel better?” giving them the control over their feelings while building self-confidence and showing them you believe in their power to self-regulate.  Of course, we are ready with hugs and laps too. We are proud to foster a cohort of children who love to come to school and are happy and excited to discover and learn new things.

                                                                     -Terry Gould, Teacher

How our Cooperative Works

At Clinton Path Preschool we believe children learn best when they feel confident, feel respected and feel “at home.” Our cooperative school permits this “home away from home” for our students through the active engagement of our families and ongoing partnership between parents and teachers in achieving our shared goal to inspire joyful learning through friendship and play in a cooperative community.


As co-op members, parents:

  • perform diverse administrative and maintenance tasks

  • take part in two work days each year

  • attend school fundraisers

  • have the option to participate in planning and policy-making for the school by joining our Board of Directors.   


The school welcomes and encourages parents and caregivers daily to join their children at lunch, providing a relaxed opportunity for discussion with other members of our community. In addition, various social gatherings are held throughout the year. Not only do our students grow friendships while at Clinton Path Preschool, but so do our adults!

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How Coop works

From a former CPP teacher...

Working at this school for the last 13 years, I can most assuredly confirm that Clinton Path is in fact the preschool of not only parents, but also teachers' and children's dreams.  We are small... a community of teachers, parents and children who all strive toward the same goal:  to maintain, if not amplify, children's innate love of learning.  We are a cooperative which truly listens to each member, from infant to grandparent, inspiring loyalty and longevity among the families and teachers... Working together, Clinton Path has maintained its place of pride in the community for over 45 years.

- Sarah L

What you should know about us:

Our mission: 

Clinton Path Preschool inspires joyful learning through friendship and play in a cooperative community. ​

Our vision: 

Clinton Path Preschool is dedicated to serving children and their families and will nurture the whole child - head, heart and hand - by providing a quality environment and by giving children the time and the freedom to grow into their unique, individual selves as they explore the world together.

Our philosophy:

Clinton Path Preschool is committed to fostering an environment that nurtures the development of the whole child. In a mixed age, play-based environment opportunities for independent exploration, group play and teacher-led activities are intentionally balanced to provide children time and space to explore who they are and who they can become while growing their character, bodies and intellect.

As a Parent-Teacher Cooperative, Clinton Path Preschool is dedicated to maintaining a strong partnership between teachers and families. In this spirit of collaboration, teachers and parents draw upon their various talents, perspectives, experiences and professional backgrounds to provide students a joyful foundation to their journey as lifelong learners.  

Our Statement of Diversity and Inclusion:

Clinton Path Preschool celebrates the diversity of our community. We do not discriminate on the basis of characteristics that pertain to identity such as race, religion, culture, nationality, family structure, ability/disability, political beliefs, marital status, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, age, and socioeconomic class. We respect the uniqueness and dignity of each individual in our community.

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