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A Day at CPP

Explore, Play, Sing, Connect, Learn.

Follow along with us to discover the collection of activities, circle times, songs, stories and outdoor play that make up a day at Clinton Path.  Included are details about our extended day program too.  



Drop-off begins at 8:00am with guided discovery and free play. Weather permitting, drop-off will take place outdoors in our playground.  Parents are welcomed to engage with their child in an activity before departing.

Morning Meeting

Teachers welcome students with hellos and original songs in multiple languages with movement and fun.

Guided Discovery

Students have more time to explore various activities on their own once we move indoors.  You may find students painting, doing puzzles, building with blocks, tiles or magnets or recyclables, putting on puppet shows, playing with homemade slime, play-dough, stamps, or whatever provocations our teachers dream up!


Circle Time

Students return to their circle time for more songs and activities that highlight the diverse and engaging curriculum.  You may find us acting out the movement of the planets in the solar system or singing songs about prime numbers.

circle time.jpg


Students enjoy snacks brought from home.

Experienced Teachers.jpg

Story Time

Teachers engage students in reading and discussion time.  We celebrate and highlight different authors each month and try to work in books that pique the unique interests of our student body.  

Outdoor Playtime!

Extended Day Program from 12:30 to 5:30pm

Lunch with Teachers

Extended Day students enjoy lunch at a special table all together with the teachers.


Students rest (naps welcome!) on individual cots while listening to music or a story. 

More fun!

Proprioperception games , extra fun & time with our teachers, pickup at 5:30pm

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