Fall 2022 Enrollment is happening now!  Apply below.

*We are now offering a NEW longer extended day program, with pick-up option at 4pm.  We plan to next year (Fall 2022) begin offering pick-up options as late as 5:30pm.  

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Inspiring joyful learning through
friendship and play in Brookline for over 45 years.   

We invite you to learn more about our cooperative community of families, educators 
and young learners.  

Clinton Path Preschool


How old are the students?

How many classes are there?

How many days per week?

How many classes are there?

How many days per week?

What are the hours?


We welcome children

ages 2.9 up to age 5.

8:30am to 12:30pm, Sept to June. Extended Day options  until 3pm or 5:30pm

1 mixed-age class of

18 students with 3 teachers.

OCT 31.jpg

A partnership between families and teachers to achieve our mission.

Minimum 3 days or up to all 5 days/week.

We are currently peanut-free and tree nut- free.  

What are the hours?

What is a cooperative?

Are you allergy friendly?

I'm ready to apply.  What's next?

1.  Submit the New Student Application (above). 

2.  Pay your $50 application fee here:   

3.  Attend the Open House (see FAQ for date).

4.  Read the FAQ below for more info about how our process works

Questions about the admissions process?  Questions about CPP?
See our FAQ below.

You can reach out to the parent admissions coordinator
at:     admissions@clintonpathpreschool.com


Frequently asked questions

What happens after I send in my application?

Shortly after you apply, you will receive a confirmation email stating that the school has received your application and that your child has been placed on our admissions list. You will then be notified if a spot becomes available.

How does the admissions list work?

Applications are accepted at any time and are organized on the admissions list according to date of receipt. If there are no openings at the time your application is received, your child’s name will be placed on our admissions list. If a spot opens up during the school year, we fill it by contacting families on our admissions list, also in the order in which applications were received.

How do you fill open spots?

Spots are filled in the order in which applications were received. When building the next year’s class, an effort is made to achieve balance in the age and gender of the students. Siblings of current and former students have priority in admission.

How can I request a tour?

We'd love for you to visit our school, please email our director to set up a convenient time.

When is the Open House?

This year's Open House 2021 will be on December 8th. We will host a virtual meeting with our teaching team and current parents to introduce you to our school and answer questions. Afterwards, we will be happy to schedule tours for interested families. Please email our admissions director for the zoom link.

How does the Extended Day Program work?

Students can stay a full day from 8:30am through until 4pm. There is a rest/quiet time and more fun and games afterward. For Fall 2021, we are offering extended day pickup at 4pm. Next Fall 2022, we plan to offer several pick-up time options with the latest being 5:30pm. You can sign up for extended day for every day for the whole school year, or some of the days, or even on a day-to-day basis if space permits.

What is the tuition for 2020-2021*?

The school year runs September - June. Tuition is paid in three fourteen-week installments (usually July 15th, December 15th, March 15th). Extended day is billed separately. Full year - 5 days: $12,2355.06 Full year - 4 days: $9956.12 Full Year- 3 days: $7557.32 Extended daily rate: $35.00 per day The July 15 payment includes $350 for 10 pre-paid extended days, which can be used throughout the year. These days are nonrefundable. Extended Day payments beyond the initial 10 pre-paid days are due monthly and will be billed by the family assigned the extended day billing coordinator co-op job. A non-interest-bearing deposit of $500 per child is payable upon execution and submission of each family’s contract with Clinton Path Preschool. This deposit will be applied annually to the final tuition payment of that academic year. At this point families also have the option of donating all or part of this sum to the school and/or Annual Appeal. * Tuition typically increases around 3% annually.

Can you explain more about the "cooperative"?  What types of jobs and responsibilities do parents have?

Clinton Path Preschool thrives because of the active participation of our families and their various professional backgrounds, talents, perspectives and experiences. As co-op members, parents perform diverse administrative and maintenance tasks, participate in planning and policy-making for the school, and have access to a community of families and teachers. The school welcomes and encourages parents to join their children at lunch, providing a relaxed opportunity for discussion with other parents and teachers. In addition to performing a co-op job, parents take part in two work days each school year, attend three or four parent meetings throughout the year and participate in our fundraising events.

Can you tell me what number I am on the admissions list?

Unfortunately, we are not able to tell families where they are on the admissions list. Spots may open up at any time, and as a result your child may be able to get a spot at the school even if you are at the bottom of the list.

When will I learn if my child has a place at the school?

We will begin contacting families starting in January. If you have applied to the school and are on the admissions list, you can expect to hear from this point forward. If you are offered a spot, we invite you to visit the school with your child during school hours and ask that you make a commitment within two weeks from our initial offer. Spots may also open up throughout the school year. If this happens and there is a spot available for your child, you will be contacted.