At Clinton Path, our mission is to inspire joyful learning through friendship and play in a cooperative community.  
Why Clinton Path Preschool?

We really like the mix of music and art, and learning through play and social interactions. We’ve been so impressed how through this they have learned to write letters, begin to play around with reading, and explore numbers and math... you never know when your child will challenge you to sing the alphabet backwards like they can!

-Bree A., dad of M '16 and D '18

Nothing beats hearing exciting stories of new discoveries. Today’s question was, “Did you know that plants use sunlight for food?” as if he were the first person ever to discover the magic of photosynthesis, or planets or poems. Each day at CPP is a thrill for the kids and for us too.

- Bobby, dad of Z. '18

What's happening now at CPP?


We are actively planning to be able to host our very popular and flexible program this summer 2020.  See original dates and info here.  Consider applying now to reserve your spot, we are accepting applications!  If we need to cancel/adjust starting dates due to the ongoing pandemic, we will contact applicants as soon as possible.

If we are unable to host any of our summer program due to continued COVID-19 risks, we will refund $250 of the $260 deposit/application fee. 

(We will retain only $10 for online payment processing fees).  We hope to be able to host at least some of the program but will follow state officials guidelines for when and if it is safe to do so.  

June 1st, 2020

As of now we remain temporarily closed, following MA guidelines for school closures and social distancing.  We are working towards hosting our yearly summer program and actively planning for what a fall re-opening could look like as well, according to local and EEC guidelines.  Check back here for updates.


Our Experienced Educators:

Terry Gould, Director

Terry has been with the school for over 20 years, first as a substitute, then lead teacher and now our director for the last 6 years.  Terry designed our CPP logo, bringing together her love of Matisse, the Fibonacci numbers and the natural world.  As director, she encourages the teaching team to meet each morning to plan the provocations, discuss curriculum and check in about students' progress.  Terry's warm presence creates a nurturing, and stimulating environment where your child benefits from her love of yoga, gardening and art.  On each student's birthday, Terry draws a special picture on his or her envelope and encourages all the students to make birthday cards.

Olivia Tropp

Olivia earned her Bachelors Degree in English while concentrating on Early Childhood Literacy. With three years employed at a lab school during these studies, Olivia was able to develop her own teaching platform. Her goal while working alongside her students is to ensure that their education is built through encouragement, exploration, and personalized care.  As an educator, she prides herself on the atmosphere created in her classroom: full of engaging conversation, educational growth and laughter. In the classroom, Olivia can often be found writing stories with her students or brainstorming different ways to interact and emotionally connect with those around us. When not at school, she loves the beach, yoga, reading and writing.

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