A Parent-Teacher Cooperative Preschool

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Our Mission

Clinton Path Preschool inspires joyful learning through play and friendship in a cooperative community.

Our School

Clinton Path Preschool is a parent-teacher cooperative preschool, serving children from two years nine months to five years in a mixed-age, play-based program. The preschool was founded in 1972 by a group of parents and teachers. The co-op environment allows parents to remain a strong presence in the preschool. They share administrative and maintenance duties. Our preschool community benefits from close interaction with parents and teachers.


Our Philosophy

At CPP we endeavor to create an environment that fosters the development of the entire child as to their specific individual needs. With a distinct balance of teacher led and independent play times, we allow the children to grow their bodies, characters, and intellect, establishing a sense of self-confidence in their abilities. This also fosters cohesiveness as they work together as a group and helps them learn to love school. Through study and experience, we as educators know that children learn best through play. This type of learning is salient and ultimately permanent.

Our Program

Clinton Path offers a play-based program, which aims to introduce children to group life, and helps them develop satisfying and joyful friendships and respectful feelings towards themselves and others. The environment is arranged to support independent exploration and guided discovery; teachers encourage children’s interests by offering experiences and materials that build on previous play. The planned curriculum reflects children’s needs for individual expression and growth. Best practices honor all aspects of children’s development: cognitive, social, physical.

Our curriculum promotes long-term thinking about topics, and provides experiences that challenge children to look at a topic in different ways. Field trips, visitors to the classroom, and resources from libraries and museums enhance our planning.

Clinton path is a relaxed, child-focused setting where children are shown care and attention by seasoned teachers. My students have particularly enjoyed the theatrical story times, engaging songs, and the rotation of well stocked building areas. The teachers are not only patient gardeners of their students but also help to build a gorgeous and restorative outdoor space where children enjoy the freedom to plant, pick, water, and roam among the many edible plants and shady play spaces. In the summer, we think of Clinton path summer camp as our child’s caring backyard for free and exploratory play.

-Erica Key, Early Childhood Educator

Our Children

The program serves a mixed-age population, allowing children to experience relationships with children of different ages, and develop real feelings of empathy, responsibility and competence as they grow. Children attend Clinton Path for two or three years and develop strong bonds with teachers and friends.


Children attend either 3, 4 or 5 days a week. The strength of the school community supports each child’s developing sense of self in the world and their growth as an individual with unique skills and traits.


We have a maximum of 18 children per day, ages 2.9 through 5 years.

Our Cooperative Format

Parental involvement in the school is significant. As co-op members, parents perform diverse administrative and maintenance tasks, participate in planning and policy-making for the school, and have access to a community of families and teachers. The school welcomes parental visits at any time, and encourages parents to join their children at lunch, providing a relaxed opportunity for discussion with other parents or teachers. In addition to performing a co-op job, parents participate in two work days each year, attend bimonthly parent meetings, and are scheduled to do weekend cleanings of the school on a rotating basis. Throughout the year several social events are planned which provide more time for relaxed socializing.


The following foods are not allowed on school grounds: Peanuts, Tree nuts and Sesame seeds.

Sesame seeds include: any seeded breads or hummus containing tahini, which is made out of sesame seeds.  Tree nuts include: almonds, pecans, walnuts, hazelnuts, pine nuts and pistachios.

Preschool Location

Our new location is:  58 Irving Street, Brookline 02446 at the Latvian Lutheran Church.