Our Teachers

Teachers at Clinton Path Preschool

Teachers at Clinton Path Preschool drawn by a student

Clinton Path Preschool’s staff of three teachers work together to provide a safe, loving and challenging school environment. All of our teachers received training in Early Childhood Education, First Aid and CPR and continue to pursue personal and professional interests which enrich the school’s program. Student teachers and researchers from area colleges introduce new ideas and resources, and connect us to the larger educational community.

A priority for all of our teachers is getting to know each individual child in order to help them thrive in the preschool environment.

Terry Gould

First as a teacher, and ultimately as Director/Teacher, Terry has worked for eighteen years to success fully develop and sustain Clinton Path Preschool’s nurturing and stimulating cooperative program. Terry expertly fosters a true sense of collaboration among the teaching staff, with the families,and especially with the preschool cohort itself. She creates a cohesive and inspirational atmosphere where children learn through play while working together as a unit to build knowledge about their world together. Terry also shares her own passions with the Clinton Path Preschool community, such as her interests in yoga and the natural world. Thanks to her the children enjoy doing the calming and physically challenging yoga poses, and they raise butterflies and grow vegetables in the garden, nourishing their body and minds.

Danielle Gilmore

Danielle joined the Clinton Path Preschool teaching team three years ago and has quickly become an integral and loved member of the community. While continuing to develop her professional skills teaching young children, she simultaneously pursued and completed a Master’s degree in Music Theory at New England Conservatory of Music. She brings years of training in music and an ability to play almost any instrument, which she shares warmly and encouragingly with the children. She inspires them to explore the enchanting world of music with her as their guide. Danielle loves working with children and helping them to discover how much fun school can be!

Sarah Lemos

Sarah’s life at Clinton Path Preschool began when her four-­‐year old daughter attended the preschool’s summer program. When a teaching position opened up Sarah knew it was the right fit for her. Sarah brings her vast intellect to the Clinton Path Preschool program, building curriculum around math and foreign languages. Transitions for the children throughout the daily schedule feature songs written by Sarah, who translates them in multiple languages for the children to learn and sing. Thanks to Sarah’s dedication to emergent curriculum the children at Clinton Path Preschool begin their educational journeys thinking ‘school is fun’, with a tremendous amount of joy while learning.