Preschool Handbook & Important Info

The parents and teachers at Clinton Path preschool have created a Handbook for families and prospective families to learn more about our school.  The handbook is revised every year with updated information.         ***as of 11-10-18, handbook is in revision.  check back soon for updated copy)

Also important information for families:

View the CPP Health Care Policy/Plan  (revised 7-20-17)

View the CPP Emergency Plan  (revised 7-20-17)


In the handbook, you will find the following useful information:

  1. Welcome
    1. Our Philosophy
    2. Our Program .
    3. Our Children
    4. Our Cooperative Format
  2. School Organization
    1. A Word from the EEC
    2. Enrollment/Capacity
    3. Our Teaching Team
    4. Use of Assistants, Interns and Volunteer parents
    5. School Contact Information
    6. Tax Identification Number
    7. Hours of Operation
    8. Admissions
    9. Family Responsibilities Overview
    10. Tuition
    11. Parent Meetings and Board Meetings
    12. Work Days
    13. Cleaning the School
    14. Cooperative Jobs
    15. Board of Directors Positions
  3. The School Experience
    1. Visiting CPP Before Starting School
    2. Utilize Our Summer Program as an Introduction to our Program
    3. What to Bring to CPP
    4. Our Day
    5. Extended Day
    6. Parent-Teacher Communication
    7. Reports and Conferences
    8. Referrals for Outside Assistance
    9. Behavior Management Philosophy
  4. Health and Safety
    1. Health Forms
    2. Health Policy (see link above for this)
    3. Allergies
    4. Medication
    5. Emergencies (see link above for this)
    6. The Summer Program
  5. School Policies & General Information
    1. A Child’s File at CPP
    2. Snow Days
    3. When to Call the School
    4. Birthdays
    5. Diapers and Toilets
    6. Clothing
    7. Parking and Entering the School
    8. Location and non-affiliation with the Church
    9. Statement of Inclusion
    10. OFC Confidentiality and Distribution of Records
  6. Board Members Job Descriptions
  7. Non-Board Cooperative Jobs