Our School Day

Two kids reading togetherA Typical Day

Each day at Clinton Path includes guided discovery and independent exploration activities planned by the teaching team. As children arrive they are greeted by the teachers and encouraged to try the various items on the tables which always includes open ended art materials , puzzles and logic fine motor paraphernalia and sensory tables. They can also head over to the socio-dramatic play area, paint at the easel, build with blocks or quietly sit and read to each other from the multitude of books throughout the classroom. Guided discovery extends for almost 90 minutes, with a 15 minute interlude for morning meeting, giving the children ample time to explore any area for as long as they need to.

After cleaning up, we divide into two small groups for circle time, where we delve into patterns with music, rhythm, colors, letters, and numbers or explore our author of the month. Circle time is followed by snack time which is provided by the school. After snack, we split again for another short circle time where the children get the chance to experience a different teacher’s perspective on the curriculum of the day. We then head outside to our very own playground and garden for some much needed fresh air, exercise, inventive play and exploration. The morning ends with singing and dancing.

Every Monday we get a visit from Tom Krusinski, dance master extraordinaire from Brookline Music School for a movement and dance class.

Our lunch begins at 12:30. We encourage parents and caregivers of children not signed up for extended day to bring lunch and join us until 1:00 when lunch time is over. This is a wonderful time to talk to the teachers and meet other parents and get to know the children, families and teachers in our preschool community. Please note that all lunches in the classroom must be allergen friendly.

The Daily Schedule (8:30am-12:30pm)

8:30 School begins
8:30 Guided Discovery – carefully selected fine motor explorations in science, math, and art
9:15 Morning Meeting
10:15 Split Circle time – teacher led explorations of numbers, patterns, literature and more!
10:30 Snack time including a healthy cracker or cereal with fresh fruit or vegetables
10:45 Split Circle Time  – small groups where we immerse ourselves in the curriculum of the day
11:15 Outside Play in our private back yard
12:15 Music and Dancing
12:30 Dismissal
12:30 – 1:00 Join us for Lunch!
Learning counting with colorful bears

Extended Day (from 12:30pm-3pm)

Our extended day enrichment program is a combination of language, math, stories, gross motor play, music theory and rest. Extended day is a lovely way for the children to have more personal time with their teachers and peers as it is limited to only nine children each day.

12:30 Proprioception Games
12:40 Lunch
1:00 Music, Math and Multiple Languages
1:45 Rest Time
2:30 More Music, Math and Multiple Languages
3:00 Pick up Time, School Closes

Yearly Schedule

While we are closed for major holidays, we are open during the Brookline Public School vacations in February and April.