Our Logo

Logo Description

Our amazingly talented Director/Teacher, Terry Gould, a life long learner, who has dedicated the last two decades, and hopefully the next two, of her life to Clinton Path Preschool designed our logo after listening to a TED talk about Fibonacci numbers.

We are Clinton Path Preschool

We are one school

With one mission

Dedicated to serving children and their parents

Nurturing the whole child: head, heart and hand

We honor the five learning inputs

The eight intelligences

Nourishing with the thirteen varieties of vegetables in our garden

1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13

The sunflower signifies nurturing children’s growth by giving them the time to explore underneath the canopy of the gentle curve of the growing sunflower which provides a safe and protected environment where the five dancers, that are all different individuals, are united cooperatively and collaboratively, creating a dance together within the Fibonacci spiral of its yet unrealized and unplanted seeds.